Does Your Car Insurance Have Some Hidden Expenses Like Health Care?

If you have a car, you may be paying for some unnecessary “extra options”. For example, why do you need “health insurance” under car insurance if you already have health insurance? Have you ever asked your car insurance company what that means? But what if you get into a car accident and get injured? Will your current health insurance wait for your car insurance to kick in because you have this “medical coverage”, thus delaying claims? How long will this be delayed and will this affect your health insurance coverage due to a “long delay”, costing you more out-of-pocket medical expenses for missing the application day? It all sounds familiar, right? But if you don’t have health insurance and have been injured in a car accident, this “health insurance” can help pay for some of your medical bills (it did for me).

Generally, this “medical part” of your car insurance may cover the following, but ask your car insurance representative to explain:

  • Some funeral expenses
  • Passengers who may be injured while you or a family member is driving
  • If you are an injured passenger in someone else’s car
  • If you get hit by a car while walking or cycling
  • If you need dental care after an accident
  • If you need long-term nursing services or hospitalization during rehabilitation
  • If you need prosthetic limbs

So if you’re doing some “summer cleaning” and trying to uncover some cost savings because you’re worried about the mysterious increased premium on your health insurance coverage, be sure to call your car insurance and start asking questions (and be sure to document it). answers).

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Start with these warm-up questions: Do you really need a rental car option if you have a new car? How and in what situation does this loss of income actually help you? When does this body injury begin and what part of your body?

When you feel like you’re warming up to the point where the car insurance rep is sweating, start asking about “medical expense payments.” What is the minimum minimum requirement needed in your state? What does it cover? How does it compare to your current health insurance? When does it kick in?

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for more discounts, including any discounts. new discounts You may be suitable for In the end, you may find that you have saved yourself several hundred dollars from your car insurance; enough to pay the new health insurance premiums… I know I did 🙂

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