New Vehicle Registrations and Vehicle Insurance

In September 2001, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) introduced a new license plate registration system designed to last 49 years. The new change was welcomed not only by car dealers but also by the auto insurance industry, as the DVLA also decided to issue new vehicle registrations twice a year instead of once a year.

In the past, new registrations were made on August 1 each year. Inevitably, this caused a huge headache for insurance companies because so many people needed insurance right now. This once-a-year insurance rush is compounded by the summer schedule when most people go on vacation, including insurance company employees. Today, new registrations are made in March and September. This eases the workload for insurance companies and makes it easier for them to find staff for the increase in searches.

Of course, the old system lasted about 38 years and therefore there is still a large population of people who need to renew their insurance on August 1. So around July, August and September, insurance companies are still particularly busy and you can usually expect long call center waits with many direct companies.

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