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There are times when you will find yourself temporarily without health insurance. Between jobs, you may have just started a new job, or you may be a student who is no longer covered by your parent’s health insurance. Temporary health insurance purchased online can help provide gap coverage for times when regular health insurance is not available.

Short-term health insurance is one of the easiest types of insurance to buy online. It aims to cover the major emergency medical expenses of people who temporarily do not have any other health insurance. Sometimes referred to as disaster health insurance, it is not designed to be your primary health insurance. Preventive healthcare will not pay for routine office visits and prescriptions for pre-existing health conditions such as asthma and diabetes, or treatment for pre-existing conditions. Many temporary health insurance policies also include a list of illnesses and injuries for which they limit coverage. Be sure to carefully check the plan you’re considering, making sure it covers what you might need for it.

Depending on the exemption you choose, your age and state of health, temporary health insurance may be very affordable. For example, $30 to $50 a month would buy a policy with a $250 deductible for a healthy male in his early twenties.

What will this buy you?

Under the terms of most temporary health insurance policies, if you’re involved in an accident that brings you to the hospital with a $50,000 bill, you’ll pay as little as $1,250 for treatment. Before you say that, consider this: A broken leg treatment can easily cost $10,000 when you factor in x-rays, casts, and follow-up visits.

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Short-term health insurance is temporary, so there are limits to how long you can be covered by a temporary health insurance plan. Some companies allow you to renew your plan once at the end of the coverage period. Others will make you reapply, but only once.

When you apply for temporary health insurance online, most companies will cover you within 24 hours of your application. Many policies will issue you a policy right away. You can find many websites that offer comparison tools and online applications for temporary health insurance. Once you decide on a plan that fits your needs, you can receive up to ten health insurance premium quotes within minutes and have health insurance within 24 hours.

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