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Farm Health Insurance is definitely a priority for anyone who makes a living from farming or working on the land in some way. Working and living on a farm may sound like the ultimate in healthy existence. While traveling, you will find only two professions that are much more dangerous; Working in deep underground mines and truck driving.

In Australia, an average of 85 farm injury deaths are recorded each year. Regarding injuries, you’ll find that 20 to 60 percent of all cases reported each year result in hospital treatment and/or stay. The interest does not include the total number of injuries that actually occur annually. This number does not include back ailments, fractures and cuts that patients do not report to insurers, hospitals or workers’ compensation.

The repercussions of farming injuries go much further than you might realize. The injured person will be unable to function and most likely will be very uncomfortable; The farm also has a great economic cost. Farmers pay for injuries in a number of ways. This is especially true if there is no Farm Health Insurance available to workers.

If the injured party is to be a farmer or specialist worker, there may be delay in performing any required farm functions. For example, there is an obligation to pay for applicable rehabilitation such as medical treatments and physiotherapy. The cost and wage requirements of hiring replacement workers are taken into account.

Any individually reported incident could result in greater accidents or injury to members of the farming business. Where there are reported cases of injury, higher workers’ compensation may result in premiums.

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Farmers make sure they protect against any potential farm injury, not just for themselves and their families, but for any employee as well. This consists of a great safety and well-being management program and training for everyone involved. Information about this is available from your state’s occupational health and safety regulatory agencies. It is also extremely important to make sure you have an adequate Farm Health Insurance strategy.

You will find many insurance companies in Australia that can meet your exact needs. All it takes is some time to make sure all your requirements are included in any policy you choose. With farming becoming such a labor-intensive profession, most insurance brokers will gladly come directly to your farm to offer assistance with your farm health insurance strategy.

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