Health Insurance Solutions Part II

Every problem, difficulty, obstacle or anything else that might cause us worry has a solution over and over again. Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. The Affordable Care Act never specified that the insurer had to abolish the underwriting process. Various elements of sales plans have been implemented to comply and comply with the law, including: essential health benefits, all of which are required; excluding pediatric dental and vision coverage, especially for someone who does not have minor children in custody.

The other element is that carriers can no longer refuse coverage for consumers whose health conditions are more than adequate, with exorbitant premiums whose conditions in the insurance world are “rated” due to pre-existing conditions.
This is the biggest problem facing the healthcare industry and why insurers fail to measure their risk by finding rates that are reasonable for the American public. It’s a dark shot for insurance companies to play a guessing game without knowing who has chronic health conditions regularly and what it would cost to properly provide reasonable care at affordable prices. Actuaries calculate insurance with a purpose; to estimate risk. No dipstick, no wonder why carriers have lost money over the past few years and are ready to save.

State intervention in the insurance sector is to manage the insurance business, not run it. It is a pity that major carriers allow the government to dictate and exclude the main premise of insurance. This business is built on risk factors. Landlord, it makes no difference whether you want to buy a car; Or any other type of insurance, there are risks associated with insuring the property. As we move objects while we are constantly on the go, our physical bodies are at higher risk, occasionally fraying and deteriorating and needing to be repaired and healed.

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Why do insurers not discuss this fact with lawmakers? What is the probability of mechanical failure in fixed buildings? Physical buildings are deteriorated due to negligence and lack of maintenance or by someone who physically damages the property for any reason. When was the last time you bought property and casualty insurance and your risk was not taken into account for how much you would be charged in premium dollars? The situation is no different in health insurance.

There is a solution and a plan that will work. It’s not about taxes, or how many people lose coverage, cut Medicaid, squeeze the poor, get the rich richer, or any of the other bullshit we hear from politicians. Insurers must be brave and follow the guidelines of current law, go back to the underwriting process, deny anyone coverage and have affordable risk-based premiums as in the past; Priority Care Act.

As consumers, it is our responsibility to care for these earthly bodies and maintain our finances while we are physically and financially able to do so. When you have a chronic health condition, will you wait and try to get insurance? It’s like owning a building that’s already on fire and then having the insurer take out insurance. Be smart, give yourself the protection you need while your temple is insured before it starts to fail.

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