Health Insurance Solutions Part III

It is our responsibility as consumers to be proactive and find the right solution to a health plan that will benefit you, your family and your finances. Affordable Care Act legislation needs changes to make health insurance premiums affordable for all Americans, especially individuals who can afford to purchase insurance without any financial assistance from the government. Everyone should have the right to health care regardless of their ability to pay.

Before the ACA, Insurers could deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions or raise premiums so high that consumers could not afford overall coverage.

post ACA
Today, the law measurement parameter is based on everything but a person’s state of health. The problem with this whole concept is the fact that there is no undertaking for insurers to measure risk. This does not provide a fair assessment of risk to insurers interested in protecting consumers. Why? Simply because the risk factors of the consumer’s medical history are unknown. The solution is not to accept the cost of news and how it is paid based on taxes and all the rhetoric spoken by politicians, media critics and other bipartisan groups.

A New Approach to Scope
For consumers who have money and are in good health, the underwriting process needs to be reintroduced so that health insurance companies can measure and predict risks by insuring people’s lives. Consumers should be able to purchase insurance based on their health and well-being. There should be no reason to put all Americans in the same category as to how health insurance premiums are calculated under the current structure and law.

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A Place For ACA
For Americans:
• in financial difficulty,
• these individuals and families with low incomes,
Medicaid for their care.
• have pre-existing medical conditions
• needing financial assistance

In the above-mentioned cases, insurers will provide coverage to people whose health expenses will be much higher than those who do not carry much risk. Payment of compensation from the state to insurers may occur in the above cases; compensating insurance companies not only from subsidies, but also from high risk assessment. Insurers may receive reimbursement from the government for choosing to bear such a risk.

As you heard in the media, more and more carriers are withdrawing from the healthcare market; It is known as “change” because of the uncertainty about the current approach in government guidelines. As consumers, there is no need to panic. We need insurance that protects our lives and money before anything happens to our physical bodies. Encourage searching and finding the right plans you need. Consider this as an example:
• If you are entitled to 5K discounts; Get insurance to cover this deductible.
• you have an accident; your plan has accident coverage
• If you have a family history of terminal illness such as cancer, heart attack or stroke, have a plan to cover such health conditions before you are diagnosed with such a condition.

This is an easy fix, it just needs to be applied. There are carriers today that offer plan designs based on the examples given above in this article.

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