My Solution to the US Health Insurance Problem – My Understanding

The health insurance industry in America is currently marred by steamy debates and conflicts. The main reason for the conflict is Americans’ view that the existing detailed reconstructed principles will delay the development process.

Let me propose a solution that will be accepted by all nations and will benefit the United States more than ever before.

The people of a country today are heavily dependent on health insurance for the family. However, there is a permanent dilemma with the awareness of the output in the authorized signatory written in the official gazette. Creative written solution is not suitable. I give the high denominator for the arguments.

But let me be specific with the details.

The health of an individual or family depends on their respective habits. But habits either cause false values ​​or weaken the planned process. The life of a being, in given conditions, determined by weakened knowledge. Values ​​deteriorate due to harmful effects. Men and women seek government help to discuss challenges and accelerate value, either by considering the consultation process or with non-governance arguments. In the seeming opinion, the value of a house is not in the government by the absurd distance process. This means that important information is collected; this light should ensure that the governing body, through habits, is competent of the system.

So, let me suggest my solution. In the constitution, a law cannot devalue the natural death event. This means that in harmful sequencing, the important reason for judgment is the maintenance of proper judgment through father and mother.

So in this experiential knowledge, the method of having given theories is based on written theory. This implies that the solution can negotiate changes that need to be known and calibrated. However, equality of solution cannot be achieved by important legislation. This is an inappropriate way to change a system or behavior.

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So my cauliflower cure theory revolves around maintaining a constant balance. When the moon and sun accept the value of creation, brothers are born on earth. This is known as the organic distributed changes principle.

The method I will now discuss is known as giving the monument at a price. The monument is given with the problem satisfied through the collection. In death, direct intercourse will benefit.

However, the values ​​of a family according to the current obligation are written by changing the parameters.

Let me explain the solution-

“Every member of the family is in need of protection. This protection cannot be revoked by law. The poor or the rich have one common distinguishing feature and that is size. Therefore, provide a method of recording as poor or rich in documents.”

If the document says you are poor, the attributed value is saved in the system. Then in the proposed solution for the poor, the guarantee method is when it reaches the maximum score it deserves. These points are in line with green order principles. If a poor person has a disability, he or she will be awarded 5 points. If the poor man fails to identify a suitable insurance company to protect his life, he will be given zero impact. This means that it will scale in every person’s life. If parameter scaling is done with calibration, budget scaling will also be done with calibration. This way, an individual’s budget will determine scalability and changes worth rejecting. Not only that, each member deals with significant systematic budgets of their proposals. This will cure his ailments. However, should he run out of budget, his previous calibrated model will dictate how much can be budgeted for the life load. If this does not go through the organized system, he can choose a different insurance policy where the guarantee is evaluated on the premium.

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Thanks to this, a poor person can react not only with atmosphere, but also with habits. If he has bad health habits, he often falls ill. Its values ​​will then be determined through the algorithm by a rigorous method of ranking integers that will bring it success or failure. Not only that, the case would be made for case study. It should be noted here that the calibration may be exceptional in the case of the rare defects mentioned. Men and women can use the budget through the existing organized systems mechanism.

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