Looking for a Comprehensive Solution to Insurance Fraud?

Insurance fraud is one of the most common white collar crimes, reaching billions of dollars each year. This is relatively easy to achieve when it comes to a well-run crime network. A good example is health insurance, where unscrupulous doctors collaborate with delinquent clients to misdiagnose in order to make false claims.

Every insurance company is at risk of falling victim to insurance fraudsters. It is only possible for an insurance company to uncover these attempts and stop these criminals with the help of professional insurance fraud convicts.

Why use professional detectives?

An insurance fraud investigator is usually someone trained in law enforcement and experienced in handling white-collar crimes. This professional can access more resources in the pursuit and surveillance of suspected criminals. He can access medical reports, police reports, and witness statements to reach conclusions if fraud is attempted.

Unlike private detectives of the past, today’s professional investigators have a wider range of equipment and technology for surveillance operations and other tactics used in gathering information. There are cloud-based tools that can be anywhere, as well as other tools that can troll social media to gather evidence. What types of jobs can insurance fraud investigation specialists do?

accident investigations

In some accident situations, the offender will lie to avoid liability. In other cases, the scammer will claim bodily injury after deliberately crashing a car. Reconciling these narratives with facts, including police accident reports, medical reports, and witness statements, is the job of an underdog of insurance fraud claims.

surveillance operations

Fraudulent injury insurance claims are probably the most common cases of insurance fraud. The culprit claims injuries and injuries that are far from the truth. This type of fraud is caught using surveillance techniques to determine the veracity of these claims.

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A surveillance specialist may conduct covert surveillance where video and audio evidence is collected to file a case against the fraudster. For example, a person claiming to be wheelchair disabled may be caught on video walking his dog. However, covert surveillance investigators are always careful not to break any privacy laws that would invalidate the case.

The National Special Investigation Unit is a private investigative firm made up of professional insurance investigators with long experience in catching and stopping insurance fraudsters. NSIU uses the latest technology to ensure accurate evidence is collected. We also do background checks, crime scene investigations, medical investigations and other investigative services. NSIU is your trusted partner to stop scammers on their way.

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