Special Insurance for the Logging and Wood Products Industries

Who can object to the fact that loggers and related businesses carry so much risk potential? Because this industry consists of activities in which damage, injury or even death can occur, many insurance companies are not willing or experienced to write interrelated policies. Therefore, only carriers that offer dedicated coverage for the industry can be reached.

About Log Industry Insurance

Logging companies thrive around cutting trees in dense forests, transporting logs to sawmills, and everything in between. Relevant coverage can be obtained from private companies that focus on where logging is essential for the public economy and associated risks. These professionals are familiar with the complexities of equipment risks, as well as the tools used to move the timber. While accountability is at the forefront, the workers compensation aspect is difficult to place and experienced hands-on management is required.

About Loggers Extensive Property Damage Liability Coverage

In essence, coverage for such loggers is a form of fire insurance insurance. This insurance protects against the ‘maintenance, supervision and control’ risks associated with lumberjacks working on land that does not belong to them or with trees belonging to others. The policy provides compensation for physical damage or destruction of the tangible property of others. It also includes loss of usage resulting from an event directly related to the operation of the loggers, and includes expenses that result from an event directly related to logging operations. Coverage also includes the costs of firefighting efforts in a fire caused by anyone for whom the logging company is legally liable.

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About Insurance for the Wood Products Industries

More broadly, any member of the lumber industry – including those who work in wood products – agrees that insurance coverage is a real necessity.

Some businesses that need different types of private timber insurance include:

• Those dealing with construction materials
• Cabinet manufacturers
• Door manufacturers
• Drywall distributors
• Furniture manufacturers
• Hardware stores
• Laminated beam manufacturers
• Log house manufacturers
• Timber businesses
• Mill and window manufacturers
• Pallet manufacturers
• Planning mill
• Sawmill
• Trust the manufacturers
• Veneer and plywood manufacturers
• Wood preservation businesses
• Wood products manufacturers

Interested business enterprises should be aware that not all classes will be approved for the working class. To learn more about this particular insurance, contact an independent insurance agent with links to specialist insurance companies.

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